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April is Sports Eye Safety Month



With the spring, along with more opportunity to be involved in outdoor sports, comes a rise in eye injuries caused by sports accidents. Each year, far too many children and adults sustain sports related eye injuries that could easily be prevented with the right protection. Guarding your eyes while participating in sports is essential in high-risk sports or those that expose you to the sun's rays such as field hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, football, and even fishing.

 Eye injuries are one of the leading causes of visual impairment in children and adults. Children can end up with injuries ranging from abrasions of the cornea and bruises of the lids to internal eye injuries such as retinal detachments and internal bleeding. Unfortunately, some athletes end up with permanent vision loss and blindness.

Most sports related eye injuries can be prevented by investing in the correct protective eyewear for the sport you may be participating in. This will keep you injury-free and will also have additional protection to minimize your exposure to ultra-violet light when you're outdoors. This sort of eye wear is designed to withstand common incidents. Everyday glasses usually cannot withstand high impact, which means that a minor hit could mean a serious risk to eyesight.

Sports and eye safety means more than using the correct protective eyewear. Eyesight is an important factor of how well you perform, so you need to have clear eyesight. For those who normally need glasses, you can get protective sports glasses with your prescription to correct your vision.

Each sport has different dangers and demands, so it's important your eye care professional help find the best glasses and lenses for your needs. This is key in helping you gain the winning edge you need to excel and enjoy sports safety.

 Whatever you game, whatever your age, you need to protect your eyes. Call your eye care professional about the options available to you.